Kye for Sale. The Bunch is Free.

I'm sort of wondering what I'm doing here. Not actually HERE, but you know, h e r e.
Don't Ask .
Got Something Good ?

This boy is ferocious. He will eat you. Just like his mom😽😼🙀#hueypnewton #blackpanther #benibunch #benitodelmaryland #ifmycatisbadluckthwnsoisyourblackass

How the gods be chilling in the crib lol #freekye

Omg look at who I found on my way to work !! She told me she leaving nyc to go on tour starting in Boston ! Support her you guys- in a world full of Nikki Minaj/iggy azalea you should be proud of her !

I keep telling yall I don’t celebrate #helldays #freekye


Jungle cat in my living room #hueypnewton #blackpanther #sleepy #freekye

& let the fun begin ! @publicenemy.nia.x ➡️@rebellekye➡️@publicenemy.nia.x 😉😈😹

Ra burst thru my windows this morning. Reminding me that my melanin isn’t a force to be reckoned with #freekye #greatrising

Read it & weep.
The bible don’t tell no lies,
I do come from my man Rib.
Air of his breath, bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh —-that’s the only way to be the outlet to his plug &receive light in the ancient form of electricity.

We don’t walk with the same feet we don’t speak with the same voice
We don’t work with the same hands
…but that’s why the ancients gave us reproduction, to prove we are one….
If children are legacies, &legacies surpass lifetimes, &if your body is made of flesh/bone that will be given back to this earth, &if you call yourself a wombman, then there is nothing wrong with branding your flesh w/ your protector lover friend baby daddy husband; it’ll all fade away-even the material beauty. But your legacy, if strategically done right-is what will live forever #freekye

The last sunset of the summer… #hotep #summersolstice #autumnsolstice #constantchange #evolution #love #peace #beautiful

…It didn’t take me long to realize that I could fall in love with anything. One minute it’s the curve of clear path, equipped with interesting passengers….the next it’s a big old city with random *multiple & varied expletives deleted* artistic/autistic inhabitants👽😏💜

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